Xbox Live running in Windows 8 captured on video

Microsoft confirmed last week that the upcoming Metro-styled update for the Xbox 360 dashboard will appear in Windows 8 as the user interface you’ll use to access Xbox Live from your PC. The dashboard’s new look was revealed over the summer at E3 and it should be coming to consoles this fall. Windows 8 is set to arrive next year, which gives MS plenty of time to work out those early launch kinks.

There’s a new video online now (via Joystiq) that gives a look at the Metro-style XBL interface running in Windows 8. The footage is pulled from a presentation at Microsoft’s Build 2011 developer’s conference last week. What you see really speaks for itself; if you’ve got any familiarity with the Xbox 360 dashboard and Microsoft’s plans for updating it this year, this footage is that. It’s essentially what you’re going to see on your console later this year, running on a PC.