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Xbox One wireless controller adaptor for Windows 10 coming October 20th

Although PlayStation fans may think otherwise, the Xbox One controller is, for a lot of people, the de facto gamepad for a lot of their gaming experiences. Whether you play on your Xbox One itself, or on your PC with a controller, it’s probably an Xbox One — one. But that means wires, because of the only official adapter is wired.

Fortunately, Microsoft is finally set to release a wireless adapter for the PC on Oct. 20. This wireless adapter can be used to play games you’ve streamed from your Xbox One to your PC, as well as give all of the function you would have on your Xbox on your Windows 10 system.

All you need to make it work is a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port and an Xbox One controller. However, there is no support for Xbox 360 controllers — they have their own adapter.

This wireless adapter will be placement dependent, so Microsoft has bundled a USB extension cable to help those that have their PC tucked away somewhere. That way, the wireless dongle can have great coverage without you needing to move your entire system to somewhere more accessible.

The only caveat to the whole thing is that Microsoft claims that there is likely to be a significant firmware update when installing the wireless dongle. The software giant even warns that ISP charges may apply for the download — though that sounds more like butt-covering than a legitimate concern that the download is so big it will cost people money to acquire it.

Will this make you guys more likely to use Xbox One controllers for your PC gaming needs?

Available from: Amazon Microsoft

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