Xentex Flip-pad Voyager

Xentex Flip-pad Voyager

Anyone who has used a laptop computer knows the problems. The screen is small, the keyboard is cramped, and you’re probably missing a few ports on the back of it. But that’s the price you pay of having a small computer. The Voyager attempts to fix these problems, and gives a new meaning to “desktop replacement.”

In it’s twice-folded state, the Voyager is about the size of a really large laptop. It weighs 12 pounds. But even though it’s a bit bigger than most portables, it will fit in most of their bags. Especially when it’s single-folded, you can see how much bigger it is compared to notebooks and laptops.

Now you can see the full size. The first thing that catches your eye is the monitor. Those are 2 13.3in LCD screens. Combined, that’s 20in of viewing area. And there are many advantages of having a 2-piece monitor. First, the right side can swivel, so you can show people a power point presentation on the right side, while you read your slide notes on the left. Second, using the “switch screen” and “super maximize” buttons, you can easily move applications from one side to the other, or have one application take up the entire area of both screens. Those buttons are alongside the minimize, maximize, and close buttons you’re already accustomed to.

Another great thing about the Voyager is the keyboard. Most laptop users know the hassles of not having a number pad. The common solution to this is the Fn key, which you hold down and then press the normal QWERTY keys with blue Fn explanations on them. But because the Voyager dosen’t have size restrictions, they can get away with having a full size keyboard. that’s right, they include the number pad, arrow keys, and everything else you get on a normal keyboard.

It’s also a very powerful machine. Equipped with an Athlon 4 up to 1.6GHz, 512MB SDRAM, and 16MB of video memory, you could run any program you have on your desktop. It also comes standard with 10/100 Ethernet, Modem, Firewire, 4 USB 1.1 ports, and audio. Should you be missing anything, there are also 2 PCMCIA slots for expansion. For example, they would be great for wireless networking cards.

Sure, it comes with a touch pad, but it even puts a spin on that. It’s high resolution, so you can use it to sign your signature. With what? Well, the stylus from the slot in the side of the computer! If you don’t want to use the touch pad, which is the case for many people, the Voyager comes with an optical mouse.

Simply put, this computer will make all the other computers in the room feel like PDAs. The Xentex Flip-pad Voyager is available now and costs $5000.


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