XGI announces new graphics accelerators

XGI has designed and developed multiple chipset products to fulfill enthusiast, high-end, mainstream and entry level market. For the enthusiast market, XGI has introduced World’s 1st dual DX9graphics solution, the Volari Duo V8 Ultra and the Volari Duo V5 Ultra. For the other market segments, XGI has introduced Volari V8 Ultra and Volari V8 for high-end market; Volari V5 Ultra and VolariV5 for mainstream market; and Volari V3 for entry level graphics application. The discrete graphics solutions are specially design for desktop applications and are compliant with the latest DirectX9,OpenGL1.4 specification. In the high-end and enthusiast segment, the Volari products not only support the most commonly used DDR DRAM, it also supports the latest and the fastest DDR2 DRAM. Thisallows for greater flexibility in product planning and reduced the risk of limited DRAM selection.

In addition, XGI has set the industry trend with the revolutionized BitFluent”! Architecture built into Volari V5 series and the Volari V8 series processors. It allows the dual processor configuration and is able to equally distribute frame loadings between two processors. By employing the dual processor approach, the development cost could be reduced; the average yield rate could be increased and the performance could be increased at lower costs.

In the mobile graphics arena, Volari has introduced three discrete graphics processor that are all software compliant with DirectX9 specification. XGI offers Volari XP5m32 for thin and light market; Volari XP5m64 for performance market and Volari XP5 for other market segments.

By introducing a full range of products both in the discrete desktop and mobile market, XGI is a full product line supplier and already has Fullerton Technology, Siltrontech and World Peace Group joining XGI as strategic distributors. In the initial stage, XGI will cooperate with worldwide system integrators to deliver its high-end products and will not be initiating a price war to gain market shares. XGI will focus in supplying high quality products to fulfill the needs of its clients.