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reserve your seat to space virgin galactic

Virgin Galactic is taking new spaceflight reservations. Got $1,000?

Virgin Galactic reopened its waiting list to fly to space, and you can put your name down for a $1,000 deposit to reserve your seat once they become available.
MIT researchers used a machine-learning algorithm to identify a drug called halicin that kills many strains of bacteria. Halicin (top row) prevented the development of antibiotic resistance in E. coli, while ciprofloxacin (bottom row) did not.

MIT Technology Review predicts the 10 breakthrough technologies of 2020

From tiny A.I. to satellite mega-constellations, the MIT Technology Review predicts the biggest breakthrough technologies of 2020 and why they matter.
tesla v10 update preview video netflix youtube caraoke cuphead release date smart summon

Tesla’s Autopilot is in the hot seat again over driver misuse

Tesla isn't doing enough to prevent the misuse of its Autopilot feature, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, which has called the firm out.
juul labs ceo kevin burns resigns electronic cigarette vaping vaporettes e v3

Juul patents an A.I. vape to help people quit nicotine

A new Juul patent suggests that the company might be looking to make a product that would help people quit nicotine through machine learning technology.
robotire robot changes tires

This robot will change your tires in a fraction of the time a mechanic can

RoboTire is building robots which can change the tires on a car in a fraction of the time it takes a mechanic to do it. Here's what the company has planned.
urine test bladder cancer 10 years sample

Urine test could detect bladder cancer traces 10 years before other signs appear

More research is needed, but this urine test could be a breakthrough for non-invasively spotting signs of bladder cancer a decade before other signs appear.
apple maps expands street view style imagery to more cities look around

Apple Maps expands its Street View-style imagery to 3 more cities

Apple Maps’ Street View-style feature now works for Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington D.C. Look Around launched in 2019 and already works for six other cities.
enjoy nasas recreation of apollo 13s moon trip in crisp 4k nasa 13 video

Enjoy NASA’s re-creation of Apollo 13’s moon mission in crisp 4K

A new video released ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission shows stunning moonscapes as they would've appeared to the crew during the trip.
katherine johnson dies at 101 nasa v2

Katherine Johnson, ‘Hidden Figures’ pioneer of early spaceflight, dies at 101

Katherine Johnson, responsible for computations in NASA's earliest forays into spaceflight and made famous by the film Hidden Figures, has passed away.
An illustration of a concept for a possible wind-powered Venus rover.

NASA wants your help to design an avoidance sensor for a Venus rover

NASA is looking to members of the public to design an avoidance sensor for obstacles courses which could be used as part of a future Venus rover project.
homemade rocket daredevil mike hughes dies in launch effort

Daredevil ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes dies in launch of latest homemade rocket

Daredevil "Mad Mike" Hughes died on Saturday after the latest launch of his homemade rocket lost the parachute that was designed to give him a soft landing.
Artist’s impression of a hot Jupiter orbiting close to a star

A year on this Jupiter-like planet lasts 18 hours and it’s about to be destroyed

Planet NGTS-10b is 27 times closer to its star than Mercury is to the sun, and according to the researchers it is "perilously close" to being torn apart.
Artist impression of a red-dwarf star’s magnetic interaction with its exoplanet.

New method for detecting exoplanet atmospheres could help find habitable planets

Astronomers have come up with a way to examine the interactions of planets and their stars to discern what kind of environments the planets might have.
MIT researchers used a machine-learning algorithm to identify a drug called halicin that kills many strains of bacteria. Halicin (top row) prevented the development of antibiotic resistance in E. coli, while ciprofloxacin (bottom row) did not.

Researchers use artificial intelligence to develop powerful new antibiotic

Researchers at MIT have used artificial intelligence to develop a new antibiotic compound which can kill even some antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.
This artist's concept shows NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter over the red planet.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is taking a two-week vacation

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is taking a two-week hiatus from its scientific mission so that maintenance can be performed on its flash memory.
The JunoCam imager aboard NASA's Juno spacecraft captured this image of Jupiter's southern equatorial region on Sept. 1, 2017. The image is oriented so Jupiter's poles (not visible) run left-to-right of frame.

Turns out Jupiter has far more water in its atmosphere than we thought

NASA's Juno spacecraft has made a significant discovery about the atmosphere of Jupiter -- it contains water, clustered more in some areas than in others.
biggest science news breakthroughs 2018 mars insight scientific breathrough mem4

Brave InSight Lander doing its best to free stuck heat probe from Martian soil

NASA's InSight lander has its heat probe stuck in the Martian soil. Now, engineers have a plan to get it moving using the scoop on the lander's robotic arm.
Airbus workers unpack the Bartolomeo platform at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida in preparation for its launch to the International Space Station.

Here are all the science projects that SpaceX will deliver to the ISS

SpaceX will be launching a Dragon cargo spacecraft to the ISS, carrying research into topics from growing human heart cells to making more comfortable sneakers.
iceland geothermal energy 11317982  active fumarole in summer time

New drilling tech could tap Earth’s geothermal energy by melting through rocks

An abundant source of geothermal energy exists far beneath our feet, but accessing it isn’t exactly easy. A a new type of enhanced drilling system may help.
mars moons japans space agency preps pioneering mission jaxa

Mars’ moons: Japan’s space agency preps pioneering mission

Japan will send a spacecraft to Mars in 20204. The mission will seek to learn more about Mars' two moons, and to bring back rock samples from one of them.
Playing card gun 1

Terrifying handheld blaster can fire playing cards at 120 miles per hour

Intrepid engineer Emiel Noorlander has built a gun that's able to fire playing cards at 120 miles per hour. Awesome? Definitely. Totally safe? Probably not.
Boeing 737 Max 8

Boeing 737 Max: Debris found in some of the jets’ fuel tanks

Boeing says the discovery of debris in some 737 Max fuel tanks is “absolutely unacceptable.” It’s the latest in a series of blows for the beleaguered jet.
could ai based surveillance predict crime before it happens facial recognition predicting mem2

UCLA won’t use facial recognition on its campus after it receives backlash

UCLA was going to be the first university in the U.S. to use facial recognition on its campus, but after backlash, the school has decided against it. 
ai sheds light on mouse communication

A.I. translation tool sheds light on the secret language of mice

Ever wanted to know what mice are actually saying? Neuroscientists at the University of Delaware do too. And they've got some cutting-edge A.I. to help out.
lovley_air_gen_device 1

New green device generates electricity by capturing moisture from the air

A device invented by scientists at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst could generate electricity from moisture in the air, aided by a natural protein.
trinamix live skin demo

This smartphone sensor can detect live skin to halt facial login spoofing

Tricking facial recognition can be as easy a putting on a latex mask, but Trinamix's 'live 'skin' sensing technology will make it harder to fool your phone.
passenger drone contest offers weird and wonderful designs aria 4

Boeing-backed passenger drone contest offers weird and wonderful designs

Five single-passenger drones built by teams from around the world will take part in a special “fly-off” event in California with a top prize of $1 million.
alphabet pulls support for energy generating kite project makani 1

Alphabet gives up on ambitious energy-generating kite project

Alphabet has announced it’s no longer working on a venture to build energy-generating kites because it's been harder than expected to commercialize the system.
collage of facial recognition faces

U.S. military facial recognition could identify people from 1 km away

The Advanced Tactical Facial Recognition at a Distance Technology project started back in 2016. A working prototype of the tech was shown off late last year.
Locust cyborg 1

Neural implant turns regular grasshoppers into cyborg bomb-sniffers

Everyone knows sniffer dogs, but how about bomb-sniffing grasshoppers? Here's why they're a promising idea.
Digital Trends AI logo

We used an A.I. design tool to come up with a new logo. Here’s what happened

Can A.I. replace human creativity in graphic design? We tried Fiverr's new A.I.-powered Logo Maker to see if it could whip up a better logo for Digital Trends.
Elon Musk

Elon Musk warns that all A.I. must be regulated, even at Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk thinks that organizations that are developing A.I. technology should be regulated, including his own companies.
hp enterprise space x supercomputer spacex dragon capsule

SpaceX will offer space tourism flights sooner than you think

SpaceX has a new partner in its quest to conquer private spaceflight. Space Adventures will help send anyone who can afford it into space as soon as late 2021.
Ubco FRX1

Exclusive: Ubco FRX1 electric dirt bike pre-orders go live at $8,999

Ubco's FRX1 is a new electric dirt bike that aims for the middle of this new arena. It's not the least expensive option at $8,999, but its powerful 15kW motor puts it on par with premium rivals that often sell above $10,000.