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Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos sells $4 billion in Amazon stock, and no one knows why

Jeff Bezos has sold over $4 billion worth of Amazon shares, including more than $570 million worth just on Friday, February 7, but the reason remains a mystery.
Crew Dragon capsule

SpaceX reportedly eyeing May 2020 for first crewed flight of its spacecraft

SpaceX is eyeing May 2020 for the first crewed launch of its spacecraft. If successful, the Crew Dragon could soon be taking astronauts to the ISS.
Image of the host galaxy of FRB 180916 (center) acquired with the 8-meter Gemini-North telescope of NSF’s OIR Lab on Hawaii’s Maunakea.

Astronomers detect strange transient radio pulses repeating in 16-day cycle

Strange signals bombard our planet from deep space. Astronomers have detected a repeating fast radio burst, challenging assumptions about the origin of these pulses.
This Hubble image shows the galaxy NGC 4490.

Amateur astronomer identifies rare double nucleus in the Cocoon Galaxy

A 77-year-old retired electrical engineer named Allen Lawrence has discovered an extremely rare double nucleus at the heart of the distant Cocoon Galaxy.
iss 13th northrop grumman resupply mission aborted international space station cygnus feature

Resupply mission to International Space Station aborted due to sensor error

A resupply mission to the International Space Station, which was scheduled for Sunday, February 9, has been aborted due to a sensor issue at the launchpad.
Solar Orbiter

Solar Orbiter blasts off on mission to discover the secrets of the sun

The Solar Orbiter is on its way to the sun after launching from Cape Canaveral on Sunday night. Data from the mission could unlock many of our star’s mysteries.
british airways cabin crew given ipads

Storm helps British Airways to new subsonic trans-Atlantic flight record

A storm helped a British Airways jet to a new trans-Atlantic subsonic flight record between NYC and London. The flight took just 4 hours and 56 minutes.
Apollo 17 astronaut and geologist Harrison Schmitt in 1972 collecting samples of lunar soil that would later be used in this study.

Researchers develop technique for analyzing moon dust from a single grain

In order to get as much use out of precious moon dust samples as possible, researchers have found a new way to analyze the dust by looking at single grains.
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe approaching the Sun.

Parker probe data reveals link between solar flares and cosmic radiation

Data from the Parker Solar Probe has revealed how solar flares contribute to the sun's radiation, which can cause problems for spacecraft and astronauts.
A Northrop Grumman Antares rocket, with Cygnus resupply spacecraft onboard, launches from Pad-0A of NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia Nov. 2, 2019.

How to watch Northrop Grumman launch its 13th resupply mission to the ISS

The Solar Orbiter isn't the only mission you can see launching today -- there's also a resupply mission to the International Space Station by Northrop Grumman.
pluto atmopshere freeze image 3274 1

Pluto has a beating heart of frozen nitrogen. Here’s why

Pluto has a big heart - a structure of nitrogen ice called Tombaugh Regio. A new study suggests this structure is central to the planet's atmospheric circulation.
Image of Europe's space laboratory Columbus

International Space Station upgrade brings near-real-time communication

The International Space Station will receive a device for the Columbus laboratory that enables almost instant communications between the station and Earth.
Illustration of ESA's Solar Orbiter

Groundbreaking Solar Orbiter mission will capture first images of sun’s poles

Sunday marks the launch of a new mission study our sun: The Solar Orbiter, which will peer at previously unseen areas to learn about the inner life of our star.
Uranus (left) and Neptune photographed by Voyager 2.

How did the planets Uranus and Neptune become so different?

Uranus and Neptune have a similar mass but marked differences. A new paper proposes a theory why: Because of different impact events during their formation.
episode 281 boeing starliner mission hits snag misses docking at space station

Boeing Starliner valve mapping error could have brought down the spacecraft

Boeing's first orbital test of its Starliner capsule last year did not go as planned. Now a second error has been uncovered in the investigation into the issue.
Artist's concept of NASA's Voyager spacecraft.

Voyager 2, one of our most distant probes, overcomes glitch and is back online

Last week, NASA announced it was experiencing problems with Voyager 2. Now, engineers have been able to stabilize the craft and return to operations as normal.
Mars 2020's mast, or "head," includes a laser instrument called SuperCam that can vaporize rock material and study the resulting plasma.

Why the Mars 2020 rover is armed with a high-powered laser

When it departs for Mars, NASA's Mars 2020 rover won't only be armed with an array of scientific instruments -- it will also be toting a high-powered laser.
Illustration of CHEOPS, ESA’s first exoplanet mission

European planet-hunting satellite CHEOPS captures its first image

The European Space Agency's exoplanet-hunter, CHEOPS, has taken its first image. It will image stars to search for signs of planets orbiting around them.
NASA astronaut Christina Hammock Koch

How the space industry is making space for women

From an all-female spacewalk to women-centered programs, women in the space industry are doing great things and creating a stronger female presence in space.
space force test launched unarmed ballistic missile new leader visits crew at cavalier air station

Having learned nothing, Space Force turns to the internet to name its members

A senior Space Force official is enlisting the help of the internet to find creative names for its members. Some of the ideas include Guardian and Vanguard.
Moth closeup of face 1

How genetically engineered moths could save billions in crop damage losses

Scientists have created a strain of genetically engineered moths, and released them into the wild. Don't worry though: It's for humanity's own good. Here's why.
An illuratrion of ESA’s (European Space Agency’s) Solar Orbiter spacecraft

How to watch the launch of the ESA and NASA Solar Orbiter on Sunday

On Sunday night, a joint mission between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) will launch the Solar Orbiter from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral.
monster galaxy early universe nrao19in01a 1024x576 1

Monster galaxy from the early universe lived fast and died young

Astronomers have discovered an enormous galaxy that is 12 billion years old. The galaxy, XMM-2599, showed a high rate of star formation before its early demise.
Boeing 737 Max 8

737 Max: Boeing is working to fix another issue with its troubled aircraft

Boeing is working to fix another software issue discovered on its troubled 737 Max aircraft. The plane was grounded in 2019 following two fatal crashes.

Boeing’s Starliner had a far more serious issue during its debut flight

Boeing's Starliner had a far more serious issue on its debut flight than the one we already knew about. If it hadn’t been fixed, the capsule could’ve been lost.
collmot drone smoke display laser writing on

Amazing aerial drone display uses smoke machines and laser projection

Giant drone displays? Seen it! This startup has found a way to take things to the next level, however -- and it involves a laser writer and some smoke machines.
yarn grown from human skin cells surgeon stitching up patients

Yarn made from lab-grown skin sounds horrifying, but it may help save your life

You probably won’t want your holiday sweater knitted with it, but yarn that's grown from human skin cells could be crucially important for future organ repairs.
spacex rideshare program launches satellites for 1 million

SpaceX will let you launch a satellite into space for as little as $1 million

SpaceX opened up applications for its rideshare program. Missions start as low as $1 million and use a Falcon 9 rocket to get a satellite up in space. 
space force test launched unarmed ballistic missile new leader visits crew at cavalier air station

The U.S. Space Force launched its first nuclear-ready ballistic missile test

The U.S. Space Force quietly conducted its first test launch of an unarmed ballistic missile overnight across the Pacific Ocean. The intercontinental ballistic missile launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at 12:33 a.m. PT on Wednesday and traveled about 4,200 miles.
ai upscaling lumiere brothers 1896 train video

A.I. upscaling makes this film from 1896 look like it was shot in dazzling 4K

Thanks to cutting-edge artificial intelligence upscaling, the classic 1896 Lumière Brothers film showing a train pulling into a station has been cleaned up.
The new ALMA image of the binary HD101584

Stellar fight to the death illuminates unusual star life cycle

Although the HD101584 star system appears to us as one light, it actually consists of two stars forming a binary system -- and one is cannibalizing the other.
2020 tech trends for the decade nasa artemis moon mission

State of the Union: Trump reaffirms desire to see U.S. put a flag on Mars

During his State of the Union speech, President Donald Trump reaffirmed his deep desire to see the U.S. become the first nation to send humans to Mars.
Hand holding a Twitter phone

Twitter moves to ban deepfakes that ’cause harm’ ahead of 2020 election

Twitter announced a new policy about manipulated media — namely deepfakes. Twitter’s new policy states that you may not “deceptively share synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to cause harm.”
DARPA Gremlin drone 1

DARPA tests drones that can be dropped from planes and collected in midair

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency recently tested out an innovative drone that can be launched from a plane, then later recovered in midair.