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Scanadu Scout makes Star Trek’s medical tricorder a reality

amazon unveils latest plans for seattle campus spheres

‘Visually reminiscent of a greenhouse’ – Amazon unveils latest plans for ‘whimsical’ Seattle campus

despite state department takedown order 3d printed gun shematics now available on thepiratebay cody wilson

3D-printed gun schematics surface on BitTorrent after takedown order

Just five days after the world's first 3D printed gun schematics were made available to the public, the US State Department has ordered they be taken down.

Japanese wireless company Willcom reveals tiniest phone ever

As Samsung and HTC make their gadgets bigger and better, Willcom is taking a moment to step back and see just how small its phones could be
inventist segway toy fair 2013 segways

The owner of Segway died so we could have these next-gen ‘people movers’

If you can't be bothered to take a few steps toward your destination, hop on Inventist's line of "People Movers" to get you where you're headed semi-safely.

Want a phone you can see through? Polytron unveils clear phone prototype

Innovator Polytron unveiled a new prototype for a cell phone handset that is almost entirely entirely see-through.
instagram idiocy marshmallows or the moon and some very tricky knots in this weeks staff picks main

DeLorean hovercrafts, roll-up TVs and more in this week’s Staff Picks

the telescope floating over world that could reveal mysteries of universe balloon

The telescope floating over the world that could reveal mysteries of the universe

The origins of the universe may be closer than ever before, and it's all thanks to a telescope dangling over the Antarctic.
tony stark sells out industries in favor of chinese product placement iron man 3

Stark Industries sells out in favor of Chinese product placement in Iron Man 3

Tony Stark is switching his brand loyalty from Stark to a Chinese electronics company in the next 'Iron Man' movie thanks to a product placement deal.

Displair’s mist-based projector is like a hologram humidifer

Carolina K. Smith MD/shutterstock

The strangest things the TSA snatched in 2012

Not everyone knows what's acceptable and prohibited to take on a plane, but we have a feeling these guys knew exactly what they were up to.
Fitbit One vs Fitbit Zip header

Fitbit One versus Fitbit Zip: Is the One worth an extra $40?

Just in time for the holiday and new year resolutions, the Fitbit One has begun shipping. Here's what's new about the One versus its budget Zip edition.
would you use an ebook version of netflix oyster

Would you use an e-book version of Netflix?

The digital cat and dog: Gadgets for the fuzzy ones amongst us

Technology is designed to make our lives easier - even our pets' lives. Here's are some gadgets you can give your pets to help them enjoy the 21st century.

Increase your productivity with these digital apps and services

Productivity apps are some of our favorites, because not only are they creatively made, they serve such meaningful purposes. Here are our recommendations.

Puffer jacket with built-in goggle is the best way to look (like a) fly this winter

Time to shop for winter clothes already? Why not consider this nylon puffer jacket with a goggle built into the hoodie to avoid the brisk?

Tagg the Fitbit for dogs, mountable action live-cams, Evernote meets Moleskine and more from Pepcom Holiday Spectacular

NASA vs. the free market: Which is better for American space dominance?

here comes the dreamliner united airlines unveils its new boeing 787 plane

Here comes the Dreamliner: United Airlines unveils its new Boeing 787 plane

Han Solo Disney Carbonite Figurine close up

Bring your best Han Solo impression: Disney souvenir will let you freeze yourself in carbonite

Camera hack

Retro glass camera hack captures the best of yesterday and today

Nyko unveils a new range of products for the PlayStation Vita, the Kindle Fire, and a new line of products with Yo Gabba Gabba


Amazon declares 2011 “best holiday ever” for Kindle

no glasses

Stream TV to unveil ‘no glasses’ 3D tech for TVs, mobile and more at CES 2012


Paul Allen unveils new business for commercial spacecraft

British scientists hope to introduce quantum-dot TVs as soon as 2012

Honda demonstrates new version of its ASIMO humanoid robot

Japanese toilet maker Toto unveils motorcycle powered by poop

Adidas unveils soccer boot with a ‘brain’ – garish color scheme may deter some

Amazon Kindle Touch unveiling and hands-on photos

Inventor James Dyson unveils the Dyson Hot

klipsch unveils reference headphones spendy gallery g 17 air android friendly s4a mode m40

Klipsch unveils Reference headphones, spendy Gallery G-17 Air, Android-friendly S4A


Sony unveils high-tech binoculars with useful, creepy HD video recording ability

russian firm reveals plans for luxury space hotel commercial station

Russian firm reveals plans for luxury space hotel