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A look at Robert Scoble’s tech command center, all that’s missing is Boba Fett

Robert Scoble PC SetupIf you’re not familiar with the name, Robert Scoble works as Startup Liason for Rackspace, but he could also be called a “tech evangelist,” singing the praises of everything from Google+ to the very cool cameras he uses to shoot his videos.

His Google+ profile says he “searches for world-changing technology,” but how does one go about staying fully informed of all that’s happening on the Internet? You get yourself an extensive line-up of some super cool tech, that’s how.

Posting on Google+ just before Christmas, Scoble shared a picture of his setup, along with a list of all the services that run on them. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the world of someone who not only needs an almost constant feed of information, but absolutely loves using the startups and tech he covers to find it.

The image is dominated by three huge monitors, all run by an iMac, plus a 65-inch Vizio television fed by an Apple TV looming over the top, that’s also hooked up to Comcast and an Xbox 360. On the desk sits a MacBook Air, an iPad and an iPhone.

The prime services running on all these screens are social networks, starting with the Q&A-based Quora and continuing with Y Combinator’s Hacker News site, his beloved Google+ and also Facebook and Twitter. Tech news service Techmeme, Gmail and the Salesforce Chatter site complete those at the front, while Skype and Spotify are hidden away.

Scoble’s iPad shows the Twitter client StreamBoard, while the iPhone displays Teleportd, a search engine for photo sharing sites. Finally, it’s the startup community AngelList on the MacBook Air. If all that wasn’t enough, there’s even a Google Chromebook and a Toshiba tablet off-screen too.

If you’ve ever wonder how he, or anyone else so engrossed in emerging tech, stays up-to-date, here’s your answer – a hard-working pro setup with just a hint of Warlock’s “Command Center” from Die Hard 4.

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