Acer launches Digital Home products

With the coming of the “Digital Home” generation, the Acer Value Labs are striving to develop innovative Information Entertainment Technology (IET). Following more than a year’s effort, informationtechnology (IT) products have been integrated with consumer electronics products using a wireless home network to share the information and digital content – and fulfil the Digital Home vision.

Users are being faced with more and more digital content; however, the digital content in information technology products (such as PCs, notebooks, PDAs and servers) is not easily merged with the information generated by entertainment products (such as digital cameras and digital camcorders), since technology barriers exist between these two realms.

The maturation of home networking technology has made sharing digital content between IT products and consumer electronics products possible. In the past, digital content could not be moved between these two realms; nowadays, technology advances have broken down the barriers. This means that all kinds of digital content can be displayed via TVs or other terminals, not just on the PC.

Acer Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stan Shih says, “The IET technology developed by the Acer Value Labs is based on the PC architecture, but integrates IT product functionality with consumer electronics product ease-of-use. This bridging of the gap between IT and consumer electronics technology means digital content can now be transferred and exchanged through a network, and be enjoyed on all devices – anywhere and anytime.”

Shih also points out that the market trend is towards modularising home appliances; domesticating IT products; and digitalising our personal lives. As an IT vendor, Acer aims to blend IT products into the home environment. This means Acer pays attention not only to appearance and form, but also to incorporating convenient user interfaces and friendly service. Designed to suit the home décor, Acer’s IET devices are available in carefully considered colours, accented by a metallic trim that together form a tasteful blend of modern and classic styles.

A key feature of these new Acer PC-related products is ease-of-use. “Domesticating” IT products implies making them easy to install, and making it easy to set up a home network just by entering the serial numbers. Moreover, there are only intuitive and simple user interfaces – no unnecessary buttons.

Acer’s IET products are enabled for wireless communication and can easily process the increasing volume of digital content. They also have dependability and ease-of-use features similar to home appliances for users to store, manage and utilise digital content and information services.

Acer is launching a series of IET products, including the Acer Aspire E PC, E Box, E TVD, E Tablet, E 2Go and E Radio, to demonstrate its accomplishments in the home digital market – connecting IT products and consumer electronics to share information and digital content across a wireless home network.

Adopting integrated technology to connect different products, users now can view digital content, such as photos and videos stored in the PC and E TVD, without being limited by a traditional PC. Through the E Radio, users can play back music files stored on the PC or Internet, and receive Internet radio and AM/FM broadcasts. For home digital life, the E TVD will become an important device that is able to deal with all kinds of digital content.

Together with portable devices like the Acer E Tablet and E 2Go, users can receive real-time digital content from any place, at any time; while the centre of the digital home will undoubtedly be the Acer Aspire E PC, managing digital content such as music, photos and videos, and transmitting it via a wireless network to different media like the TV.

Acer’s range of IET devices emphasise providing an easy-to-use interface that includes intuitive icons. There is a consistent user interface across the range of devices, with graphical instructions for an improved user experience.