This 3D-printed turbine fits in a backpack to deliver wind power anywhere

airenergy 3d printed wind turbine powerful portable
Renewable energy just got a lot more portable and powerful. Omni3d recently introduced a Kickstarter campaign for a AirEnergy, a 3D printable wind turbine that is easy to assemble and carry around. Although most small renewable energy generators aren’t very powerful, the AirEnergy turbine offers 300 watts of power, which is enough to power multiple gadgets at the same time. It could also help power a home.

Although most of the turbine’s parts are 3D printed, some of them are not. Nonetheless, Omni3d says that the entire kit can fit easily in your backpack, so that you can set the turbine up just about anywhere. Luckily, the company will give you detailed instructions for the set up of the turbine, once you’ve got all the parts made with your 3D printer. The project is open source, so users can adapt the design to suit their specific needs. The 3D printable parts can be made with and 3D printer.

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Once you’ve got your turbine assembled, it should be able to generate up to 300 watts of energy. Then, you can plug your devices into the power source with a USB extension cord. You can also use it to charge a battery or plug the energy source directly into the wall, so as to power your home. Obviously, 300 watts isn’t enough to fully power most modern homes, but it can certainly charge up a few devices, power lights on a camping trip, or give your home a little green energy boost to help you save some money.

Omni3d says that for every 2,500£ pledged on the campaign, it will send a pre-printed kit to villages in Africa where many people live without electricity. The company’s goal is to make green energy accessible to more people across the globe. The company places a special focus on developing nations and very rural areas where traditional forms of power may not be available.

Early bird pledgers who give £290 ($484) or more will get one of the few AirEnergy kits available in February before anyone else does.  Right now, there’s only one early bird deal left, but if you miss out, you should be able to get your hands on one for less in the future, as the company plans to bring production costs down to $350.

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