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Akimbo Lowers Player Price to $99

Akimbo Lowers Player Price to $99

The Akimbo Player uses your internet broadband connection to stream video to your television. The service has over 50 different categories by 70 video providers.

If you are interested in purchasing their service, they are offering it at $9.99/mo with the first three months being free, or you can purchase a lifetime subscription for $169.99.

Some of the channels Akimbo are highlighting for dad and grads include:

Shows for dads:

GolfSpan to lower the handicap
Do-It-Yourself Network to brush up on home improvement
Turner Classic Movies to enjoy the greatest films of all time
Food Network to barbeque like a pro
Wine TV to impress family and friends

Shows for grads:

Adult Swim late night ‘toons whenever the mood strikes
iFilm shorts and music videos for the quick fix
TotalVid extreme sports for thrill seekers
Varsity TV campus shows for students, made by students
GreenCine cult classics for a blast from the past

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