Hinckley’s all-electric Dasher yacht demos its floating high tech

The first all-electric Hinckley yacht continues the American custom boat-builder’s tradition of innovation. The 28-foot Dasher blends electric power, lightweight composite structural components, and 3D printing in a class-defining day boat or tender.

Carrying on a tradition with roots in Maine’s lobster coast 90 years ago, Hinckley continues to innovate, according to president and CEO Peter O’Connell. “From the early use of fiberglass in the Bermuda 40 in the 1960s to the adoption of jet drives on the category-defining Picnic Boat, we’ve always worked to combine the latest technology with cutting-edge naval architecture to do what has not yet been done,” said O’Connell continued.

All-electric Hinckley yacht

Dasher‘s name comes from Hinckley’s first Picnic boat, a vessel style Hinckley debuted in 1994. With Dasher, Hinckley’s focus is on electric propulsion — all other technology on board and used in the yacht’s construction supports the implementation of green energy.

Two BMW i3 lithium-ion batteries power Dasher’s Whisper Drive propulsion system. The shock-resistant, waterproof i3 batteries are compact and cool efficiently. Two zero-emission, 80-horsepower electric motors can power Dasher to fast cruising speeds of 18-27 knots and a most efficient cruising speeds of 10 knots. The stated range on fully charged batteries is 40 miles at 10 knots and 20-25 miles at the faster speeds. Dual 50-amp dock charging cables let you fully charge the electric boat’s batteries in less than four hours, according to Hinckley.

Dasher achieves its super-lightweight construction with a carbon-epoxy composite hull, carbon stringers, trim, minimal modern styling, and 3D-printed Titanium hardware. The decks may look like teak, but Dasher has hand-painted Artisanal Teak decking for significant weight savings.

All-electric Hinckley yacht

At 28 feet, 6 inches long, with an 8-foot-7-inch beam, the 6,500-pound displacement Dasher has an extremely shallow 2-foot-4-inch draft. Hinckley’s full yacht lineup features shallow drafts that allow much greater access to spots other yachts cannot reach.
All-electric Hinckley yacht
The captain’s console has a retractable screen and an LED touchscreen for easy navigation.

Many of the smaller Hinckley yachts from the lineup of 29- to 55-foot vessels are in service as tenders for superyachts. The Dasher’s open deck design lends itself to various seating configurations including transporting guests to and from a large vessel in quiet luxury.

Dasher can serve as a picnic boat, but don’t expect to see one pulling water skiers. Watersports’ required acceleration and high speeds would chew through battery power quickly.

Hinckley only builds yachts to order. The company is accepting reservations now for summer 2018 delivery.

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