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Amazon Takes Kindle DX To Over 100 Countries

Last October, Amazon took its Kindle ereader to markets outside the United States, offering an edition with both U.S. and international wireless capability. Now, the company is following suit with its 9.7-inch Kindle DX ereader, announcing that the device will be available to consumers in more than 100 countries beginning January 19—although online pre-orders are already up and running.

Kindle DX

“Kindle DX is great for personal and professional documents, cookbooks and textbooks—anything that is highly formatted,” said Amazon’s Kindle VP Ian Freed, in a statement. “Documents look so good on the big Kindle DX display, that you’ll find yourself changing ink toner cartridges less often and printing fewer documents.”

The Kindle DX reader features a 9.7-inch eInk display, 3.3 GB of memory for books and other material, automatically syncs with Kindle and Kindle-compatible software and gear, and includes a PDF reader. The Kindle DX also features international 3G wireless capability that enables users to download new documents and content, as well as purchase material from Amazon’s Kindle Store. As with previous Kindle wireless capabilities, users don’t pay a subscription fee for wireless service: it’s all built into the cost of the device.

Amazon has priced the international edition of the Kindle DX at $489—that’s the same price at which it introduced the original Kindle DX back in May 2009.

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