Apocalypse awesome: ‘Zombie bullets’ are now a real thing [video]

Apocalypse awesome: Zombie bullets are now a real thing

When it comes to the zombie Apocalypse, there’s not such thing as over-prepared. Which is why you should be happy to know that one ammunition maker has already begun producing zombie-specific bullets.

Inspired by the recent string of so-called “zombie attacks” sweeping the globe, amm0-maker Hornady Manufacturing Company last week released the first-ever line of real shells specifically designed to “make dead permanent.” The Zombie Max line comes in a variety of calibers, so you can be ready to fight back, no matter which guns you find laying around after the looting begins.

So, what makes Hornady’s Z-Max bullets particularly good for taking down the undead? Why “explosive Hornady performance,” of course, which the company claims is “designed to vaporize zombie varmints.” What is “explosive Hornady performance,” you ask? Unfortunately, it appears as thought it’s nothing more than some good, well-timed marketing. “…We decided just to have some fun with a marketing plan that would allow us to create some ammunition designed for that … fictional world,” said Everett Deger, a Hornady spokesperson, in an interview with Detroit’s CBS affiliate WWJ. Deger added that the Z-Max ammo should only be used for target practice — not killing zombies, anyone else for that matter.

Of course, Hornady isn’t the first company to use the impending zombie armageddon as a marketing ploy. (Not that we’re complaining, mind you — the more zombie stuff the better, we always say.) Knife-maker Gerber offers its own “Apocalypse Survival Kit,” which includes an axe, two different types of machetes, and a variety of other useful blades. So, if you’re stocking up your supplies for the End of Days, that’s probably a prudent purchase as well. After all, you never can be too careful when dealing with the undead.

Watch Hornady’s promo video below: