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Apple Hoards LCD and OLED Display Supplies For iSlate

apple-tabletHere’s a trick we’ve learned over the past few days: When you call up suppliers in Asia (like we all do) to buy certain technical parts and the item you are looking for is completely sold out, then it is part of the Apple tablet. So take your best guess at what some physical features of the Apple tablet could be and then do this fun little test—may cost you some international calling fees though. As Apple has done with many devices, the company may be trying to corner the market for its upcoming Apple tablet—this time it looks like 10” LCD or OLED panels are completely sold out among Asia’s suppliers.

Apple scooped up all available supplies of NAND flash memory while constructing the iPhone and iPod touch, and now it looks like the company is buying up every 10-inch LCD or OLED display it can find. An anonymous designer for some anonymous tech firm told TG Daily that their company has been trying for months to get a hold of 10-inch LCD screens from various Asian manufacturers, but has had no luck.

“We were told that Apple pre-ordered them all– all 10 inch LCDs, and all 10 inch OLEDs too,” says TG Daily’s source. “It’s for the Apple tablet.”

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