Attention sofa loafers: Your perfect couch awaits

attention sofa loafers your perfect couch awaits mobileA motorized couch that can take you from your living room to your refrigerator may sound like the stuff of dreams for some sofa loafers, but one Australian entrepreneur has made it a reality.

Mardy Daniel first came up with the somewhat eccentric idea of a motorized couch last year after – surprise, surprise – a drinking session with friends.

After customizing a couch bought on eBay for $20, Daniel test drove it at the Rainbow Serpent music festival in Victoria, Western Australia. Hardly surprisingly, the sight of a couch motoring around the festival site turned a lot of heads.

The popularity of his mobile sofa motivated Melbourne-based Daniel to start the world’s first motorized couch company – Festival Couch. As well as hiring out a variety of his motorized creations, he custom builds his drivable couches for purchase, too.

It appears to be going well for the 21-year-old part-time DJ, as he told the Sydney Morning Herald in a recent interview, “I don’t work a day job any more, I just sit on the couch all day.”

attention sofa loafers your perfect couch awaits festival

He currently has five couches built and ready to roll. All are designed to move along sideways – to make it easier for them to fit through doorways, says Daniel.

“The mechanical and electrical components we use to make these are top notch and really expensive (even at wholesale price),” he says on his company’s website, “but we prefer to use these over cheap, nasty motors and lower quality batteries because we know the chances of one breaking are much lower and we won’t have problems down the track.”

Under the hood (or should we say, cushions) you’ll find the all-important motor as well as wheels, brakes, solar-powered batteries, speed controller, charger and chassis.

Each couch is unique, with the Beast Couch, for example, fitted with a 125cc motorcycle engine, ideal for tackling slightly more challenging terrain than presented by a standard-sized flat-floored living room. Seeing this contraption motoring along a sidewalk really would be a sight to behold.

The Moo-Cowch, on the other hand, is a two-seat affair that incorporates DJ decks as well as speakers and a lighting system. The curiously named Un-named Couch is for those who have no fear when it comes to eardrum-pounding head-rattling noise – you see, speakers set in this couch pump out tunes at a colossal 5000 watts.

He’s even built add-ons, such as the Mobile Mini Bar, which is basically a trailer that attaches to the back of the couch, offering four chilled beers on tap.

Daniel says the couches are aimed primarily at marketing companies looking for something a little different to use at product launch events. Street performers, charity event organizers, DJs and music video producers have also shown an interest in hiring the ‘vehicles’.

See one of the motorized couches in action in the video below.