Best Gadgets of 2010

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best gadgets of 2010The Best Gadgets of 2010

best gadgets of 2010 sandisk fuzeSanDisk Fuze+$79.99+

While Apple nuked the Nano this year by eliminating its ability to play video, SanDisk’s competing Fuze+ got a bigger screen, more storage, and hey, you can add on more with microSD cards, too. We weren’t huge fans of the touch interface, but the value alone should put it at the top of the list for anyone who needs a pocket-sized device to play music and video on the go.

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best gadgets of 2010 apple ipadApple iPad$499+

We’ll admit, we were skeptics, too. “Who really needs an oversized iPod Touch?” Twenty-five thousand apps and over two million sales later, we’ll confess, Apple got this one right. For surfing on the couch, at the table with a cup of coffee in hand, or just kicking back and reading Wired before bed, there’s really no better platform.

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best gadgets of 2010 ultrasone hfi 2400Ultrasone HFI-2400$299

Ultrasone might not enjoy the same stateside renown as Sennheiser, Klipsch or even Grado, but that’s soon to change if it keeps producing models like this. Lightweight but sturdy, Ultrasone’s HFI-2400 took us off guard with punchy and accurate bass, warm midrange and exceptionally realistic highs.

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