Boozy aerosol promises to get you drunk instantly

boozy aerosol promises to get you drunk instantly wahhspray

Created by two scientists, the Wahh Quantum Sensations is a simple aerosol spray that coats the mouth with a mere .075ml of alcohol, like a more Bacchanalian version of those Binaca spray sticks that were such a hit in the late 90s. According to the creators, this miniscule dose of the hard stuff will get you drunk, though only momentarily. After a few seconds, the buzz wears off and with it the deleterious effects of alcohol consumption.

“The question is how to do good without doing harm. Wahh is an alternative that offers the idea of ​​intoxication without its adverse effects,” said designer Philippe Starck at the device’s Paris unveiling.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the Wahh Quantum Sensations will go on sale in Europe shortly. Each spray can will contain 21 “shots,” and will set you back 20 Euros (the equivalent of $26 USD).

The Mail also posits the idea that this device might be misused by alcoholics, though how exactly that might happen remains unclear. Given that each device contains 21 shots, each of which contain .075ml of alcohol, the total alcohol content of each aerosol would be 1.575ml. That’s not enough alcohol to sustain a single instance of binge drinking, and given that $26 price tag, it seems far more likely that the average boozehound would much rather spend that money on more traditional forms of hooch. We haven’t priced European liquor recently, though it seems very likely that a fifth of vodka could be had for far less money, and one wouldn’t have to worry about dismantling a tiny spray can.

The more pressing concern, it seems, is what kind of effect this intoxicating spray could have on the body. Getting drunk is damaging to your cells, regardless of how long it lasts. While it seems quite likely that this spray would be less harmful than downing shot after shot of whiskey, we doubt that it will be entirely without negative physical consequences.

For that matter, what happens if you use the device while driving, crash, then instantly sober up? Technically you were driving drunk, if only for a moment, so what are the police to make of that? Presumably you’d still be thrown in jail, but do the temporary effects of this thing mean you were more or less at fault than if you had been drinking a six-pack while flying down the street?


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