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Bose IQ concept offers a solution for party goers varied musical taste


Hey, we love a good party as much as the next person, especially one with some killer tracks playing in the background. Choice tunes are what make a good party great. But, what happens when you show up to a party with your dancing shoes on, looking to get your groove on, only to find out the music playing is more Michael Bolton than Michael Jackson? Of course, you could always yank out the cord of the iPod currently playing and swap it out for your own. But, considering parties are all about playing it cool and having a good time, it might behoove you to take a different approach.

It would appear that designer Jason Farsai has proposed a solution to just that type of scenario. Dubbed the Bose IQ, this concept features 5 docks for easy multiple iPod connections. Users can queue tracks and are able to see what is being played, as well as what’s coming up, thanks to a dynamic OLED display. Tracks can even be changed via a touchscreen remote. It’s a nifty concept and one we can appreciate. It’s not all that uncommon for iPods to play musical chairs at parties throughout the course of a night and quite simply, it’s annoying.

Now the downside, the Bose IQ is purely a concept, but who knows, perhaps a manufacturer will pick up on the idea and bring it to production somewhere down the road. Now to go practice our Thriller dance routine.

[Via Trend Hunter]

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