Nope, that’s not a person pretending to be a Boston Dynamics robot

Boston Dynamics PETMAN

From the makers of Big Dog and Alpha Dog, Boston Dynamics has introduced an update to its humanoid robot PETMAN. In the latest video, PETMAN can walk, twist, and raise its arms as if it’s a human under that camo suit pretending to be a robot. 

The PETMAN was designed to simulate military soldiers and their movements under protective suits, though the footage makes PETMAN appear more like Boston Dymanics’ path to creating the terminator. Decked out in full battle gear, including a gas mask and chemical protection suit, the PETMAN can march, turn, and readjust its stance in a fairly fluid manner. At one point, it looks more like the PETMAN was readying itself for a tai chi session than battle.

In addition to its human-like movements, the PETMAN also comes embedded with sensors on its skin layer to detect chemicals leaking through the suit, identifying any protective gear damage. “It is used to test the performance of protective clothing designed for hazardous environments,” Boston Dynamics described on its YouTube page. Additionally, the robot can mimic properties in human sweat production to help researchers learn how to better regulate internal suit temperature. Yeah, that’s right, scientists have created a robot that knows how to sweat. Technology!

The DARPA-sponsored project, once again, is nothing short of amazing yet terrifying. The project is also funded by Department of Defense’s (DoD) Chemical and Biological Defense program, possibly paving the way for these mega robots to one day stand in line with human soldiers in combat. Imagine if the company combines Big Dog’s ability to hurl cinderblocks with PETMAN’s size and agility? We’re not gonna mess with that one.

Watch the video below to see PETMAN doing his thing.