Candela Rechargeable Lamps

Candela Rechargeable Lamps

Photo Courtesy of Vessel Inc.

When lighting candles there’s always a problem. No wick, no matches, no wax, or no candles! It’s just a big hassle. They create smoke and can set off fire alarms. They can be dangerous if next to flammable objects. It makes you wonder why we still use these archaic pieces of 17th-century technology.

Thanks to Thomas Edison’s invention, candles were replaced by light bulbs. But bulbs never really competed with candles; they were a different type of light. For intimate dinners, the candle was still the luminescence of choice. Enter Candela.

Candela is a set of 4 rechargeable candles. They’re safe, portable, reusable, and aesthetically pleasing. They’re made out of transparent polycarbonate plastic, so they don’t smell at all. Fully charged, they provide beautiful pseudo-candle light for 5 hours.

They come on automatically once taken out of the charger. Speaking of the charger, these use the same technology as most electric toothbrushes; they are recharged without physical contact to the base. This is another reason they are safe… no exposed contacts on the charger.

These would be great for late-night reading under a blanket, for outside activities after dark, or just to make tonight’s meal a little more special. The only thing burned will be the food.

They are priced at $69.95 for a set of 4 (including charger), which isn’t much when you think about the candles, and the hassles, they’ll replace. More information can be found here.

Update: Candela uses Nickel Cadmium batteries. The light inside is currently a 1 watt incandescent bulb, but they’ve got an LED model in the works. The charger is rated at 150mA 120VAC, and they’re working on a 240V model for Europe.