Cannon PC Debuts New Media Center PCs

Cannon PC Debuts New Media Center PCsCannon PC, a Texas based company which specializes in Media Center PCs, today announced some new models to their product line. The new LX and EX Media Center PCs cost $2,995 and $4,495 respectively and aredesigned for home automation and home theater duty.   Both models feature A/V rack mounting brackets for installation in A/V racks, said Cannon PC. The LX case features function control buttons on the front of the case, while the EX series comes standard with a 7" Hiresolution color LCD touch screen.   All Cannon PC Media Center systems come standard with dual NTSC TV tuners, 1 HDTV ATSC TV tuner, 8 channel HD audio, 1 GB RAM, large SATA drives, NVIDIAgraphics cards, dual layer DVD/CD burner, wireless and gigabit Ethernet, digital media card reader, USB 2.0, fire wire 400/800, Norton Anti-Virus 2005 and True Image 8.0 recovery software.  "We are seeing more and more customers wanting to have a single system that they can use to control the entire house,” said Gregg Cannon of Canon PC. “They don’t want separatesolutions, separate vendors and separate technology. They want integration and simplicity. We have designed our new units to fill those needs.”   [link via Engadget]

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