Carrying USB cords around just got simpler (and more stylish)

AViiQ Ready Clips USB

If you’re someone who uses your cellphone a lot and all day, it’s probably wise to bring an extra set of USB cords with you in case of an emergency charging session. Alternative, you may work as a blogger or someone who primarily use their phone to take photos and need to transfer them into your computer to edit and post as soon as possible. Whatever your scenario is, carrying USB cords with you just got simpler. Instead of whipping out a tangled mess of wires, just take the AViiQ Ready Clips with you on the go. 

The AViiQ Ready Clips are a pen-sized stick with a USB 2.0 plug on one end and a charging input on the other. There are three models: micro USB, mini USB, and the Apple connectors. You can carry the sticks around in your bag, or clip them onto your pocket for maximum portability. It also doesn’t hurt that they look dashingly stylish.

“We designed the Ready Clips based on personal struggles of having to fiddle with tangled and unnecessarily long cables,” says Alan Yeung, co-founder of AViiQ.  “AViiQ believes that for a product to be portable, it not only has to be compact, but also slim and unobtrusive.”

The only issue, however? You can’t buy the cords separately. AViiQ currently offers the Ready Clips in a set of two combinations, such as two Apple Docks, one Apple Dock and one micro USB, one micro USB and one mini USB, and so on. You also can’t buy a set of three to have one of each, which seems rather annoying. We’re hoping that the company will soon offer a set of three, or individual products for sale.

Still, if you’re interested in having a cool way to take transferring wires with you on the go, the AViiQ ready clips is available for $20 to $30 depending on cord combination, with free shipping in the states for purchases over $30. Happy charging.