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Carvon's next-gen electric skateboards boast all-wheel drive, can hit 35 mph

carvon evo revo
It’s fair to say electric skateboards have gone mainstream over the past year, with new decks being rolled out for amateurs and experts alike. A Kickstarter campaign launched for Carvon’s new Evo and Revo boards fall into the latter category.

Carvon has been player in the electric skateboard game for five years but it’s raising the bar with its latest generation of boards.

Evo (aka “The Cruiser”) packs dual V3 motors positioned next to its wheels, rather than inside, which the company says allows for thicker urethane wheels, a smoother ride, and improved performance. The board can exceed an impressive 30 mph with a 14-mile range.

The Revo (aka “The Climber”) goes one step further, with dual V3 motors up front and a single X Motor in the back, totaling 3,000 watts of output for what the company calls “a gearbox on wheels.” While excelling at climbing hills, the Revo 4WD also boasts a 35 mph top speed and 20-mile range.

But there’s more.

Carvon has made it easy to swap its standard urethane wheels for all-terrain ones. And the company’s new and improved remote control fits snugly around slide gloves so veteran boarders can safely pull technical maneuvers. The dropdown deck offers a “low-to-the-ground” riding feel, according to Carvon, with carbon fiber layers for rigidity around the board’s electrics.

“We at Carvon have been actively involved in the DIY electric skateboard scene for years, especially with hub motors designs, and have been aware of the problems and limitations of current electric skateboard or longboard setups,” Carvon communications director, Michael Quiros, told Digital Trends.

“We wanted to come up with solutions to these problems because we wanted to duplicate the feeling of riding a skateboard or longboard, even though it’s motorized. We wanted to preserve the feeling of gliding, coasting, being expressive, going fast, racing, doing some slides, shredding on different surfaces … Basically, we didn’t want the boards to supplement our riding skills, but to enhance them.”

The Evo is available on Kickstarter for early adopter for $1,199. The Revo is available for $1,699. And for DIY enthusiasts who want to build their own board, Carvon’s Dual V3 motors are on offer for $499.

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