CES 2006 Profile: H20 Audio

H20 Audio, a maker of waterproof housing for MP3 players and the like, unveiled two new cases for iPods at the Consumer Electronics Show last week. These cases focus specifically on keeping the iPod nano and iPod shuffle from getting wet.

The H20 for nano product, priced at $79.95 and available in the next few months, seals the iPod nano in a durable, elastomeric, diagonal T-seal for what the company says is absolute waterproof protection. The case is form fitting to the nano, provides full access to the click wheel when submerged underwater and gives a full view of the nano’s LCD screen.

The H20 for Shuffle product is, like the also announced H20 for nano product, designed to keep the iPod dry when submerged under water. The company said that this case has an easy-access control pad function for use with the shuffle’s controls. It comes with a secure armband and will cost $39.95 when it begins shipping sometime in the first quarter of this year.