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Smart bike helmet boosts cycling safety with turn signals, brake lights, and GPS

Whether you use a bike to commute, exercise, or to enjoy the passing scenery, safety is always an important factor. Bicycle helmets have come a long way to become lighter and stronger than ever before. However, there is always room for improvement, and as more products become “smarter” in the name of safety, helmets are also catching up. Last week, Brooklyness Inc. launched the Classon smart bike helmet on Kickstarter, and it’s already nearing triple its $30,000 goal.

The Classon features cameras front and back to scan the environment. An algorithm interprets the information and sends it to you. A light under the visor can tell you when a car is approaching from behind or when a vehicle is in your blind spot. The light blinks in your peripheral vision and its intensity can be adjusted to your preference.

brooklyness-classon-bicycle-helmetGesture sensors read your movements to activate turn indicators. When you signal a turn or lane shift with your hands, left or right blinkers activate on the front and back of the helmet, communicating your intentions to those around you.

The integrated accelerometer detects when you are reducing speed and activates a red brake light on the back of the helmet.

With the Classon App, you can receive simple navigation instructions without taking your eyes off the road. Your phone sends information to your helmet, which activates directional lights under the visor indicating whether you should go left, right, or straight. The app also gives you access to data and stats from your ride.

Want others to feel what you’re experiencing? You can stream or capture videos and share them on the fly. Afterwards, you can edit the video and create GIFs. This feature can also help if you are involved in a traffic incident.

No matter how much you contribute to the campaign, you’ll receive a 6-month “Classon Club” subscription along with your helmet. This includes helmet replacement, video access, GPS navigation, and access to all new features released in future updates.

The first couple of options are gone, but you can pledge as little as $150, which will get you the helmet with all its integrated features, as well as a six-month subscription to the Classon Club. Estimated delivery is April 2017.

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