Clearwire Tests Wireless VoIP, Internet

VoIP provider Clearwire today said they are testing an Internet-based phone service and wireless Internet service in California which makes use of wireless 2.5GHz technology. Clearwire said they are the first to widely deploy this type of wireless broadband telephony in the United States.

In the Stockton, California test market, said Clearwire, the wireless Internet service is being provided over the company’s existing Wi-Max class solution, 2.5GHz wireless network through their wholly owned subsidiary NextNet Wireless. Clearwire sends its signal wirelessly from a transmitter on top of a cell tower to a specially developed receiver modem. The modem plugs into an electrical outlet or other power source and into a computer via an Ethernet cable to provide high-speed access to the Internet. The modem is compatible with most PC and Macintosh computers and requires no additional software or hardware installations.

The wireless VoIP service, dubbed Clearwire Internet Phone Service, works similarly, with customers purchasing an Internet phone adapter box that is about the size of a desktop calendar. The box plugs into a power outlet and then connects to the customer’s computer, Clearwire modem and existing phone. Features of the Clearwire phone service include a local phone number within the provider’s market, unlimited local and long-distance calling within the U.S. and Canada, call forwarding, enhanced call forwarding, caller ID, voice mail, voice mail to e-mail, three-way calling, caller blocking and international call blocking.

“In the same way that Clearwire wireless high-speed Internet is changing the way people use the Internet, Clearwire Internet Phone Service will change the way people use the telephone,” said Perry Satterlee, Clearwire’s co-president and chief operating officer, in a statement. “We’re excited to introduce an affordable, easy-to-install voice option that, bundled with our wireless high-speed internet service, provides customers dependable Internet and high-quality phone service without the hassle and without surprises on the customer’s monthly bill.”