Coca-Cola Beatbox to provide music in the 2012 London Olympic park

Coca Cola Beatbox

The 2012 Olympics is quickly approaching, and local architects have been hoping to get their designs approved as part of the Olympic park in this year’s venue of London, England. Young architects Pernilla Ohrstedt and Asif Khan have been selected to create this Coca-Cola Beatbox that would provide a larger-than-life sound throughout the park.

In these concept photos, people will actually be able to walk along the inside of this giant beatbox stage. The internal walls will be cushioned with pillows that react to touch so when people move toward the pillows, they will hear a series of different sounds pre-recorded and produced by the Grammy award-winning British DJ Mark Ronson. Ideally, users remix their own tunes by playing with the walls inside the Beatbox. Visitors can also walk their way up via the spiraling stairs which wrap around the building. When they reach the roof of the Beatbox, they will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the Olympic park.

CocaCola Beatbox

The Coca-Cola Beatbox was inspired by the brand’s 2012 campaign, Move to the Beat, which aims to encourage teens to get involved with sports while infusing music to provide a soundtrack to their exercises. Coca-Cola has always tried to attract a younger audience, and hopes this innovative and hip product will be one of the many things that inspire young people to pursue their dreams, whether in athletics, music, or architecture. The use of the branding and colors in the Beatbox’s design should also be iconic and easily recognizable by visitors even without the use of logos.

Pernilla and Asif, 30 and 31, respectively, beat out the many architects who formally pitched their designs to London-based Architecture Foundation. The duo have previously collaborated before, and this showcasing will be the pair’s largest commissioned project to date. 

“Pernilla and Asif impressed us with their creativity, technical skills and vision. I’m delighted that we’re able to give them such a fantastic opportunity to showcase their talents and passions on the world’s stage,” said Maxine Chapman, Director of Showcasing, London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Project Team, and The Coca-Cola Company. “I have no doubt that every visitor to the park will be inspired by their innovative and groundbreaking design, both during and beyond London 2012.”

Of course, as all future architectural designs will and should address, the building will feature green technology and be made of recyclable materials to promote sustainability. The Beatbox is expected to see more than 200,000 visitors, all of whom the architects hope to impress.

“The Coca-Cola Beatbox will be a sensory experience that fuses design, music, sport and architecture,” said the architects. “It will be something that people have never seen or heard before!”

Sounds cool enough to you? If you’re one of the many lucky people who’ve got your tickets to the Olympics this year, be prepared for an incredible experience.