CompUSA To Sell ParkerVision SignalMAX

SignalMAX wireless routers for use with cable and DSL modems, WLAN cards for notebooks, and USB adapters for PC desktops enable wireless networking and Internet connectivity without the distance and dead-zone limitations of conventional WiFi products. SignalMAX products are based on ParkerVision’s Direct2Data wireless RF technology. CompUSA will also be selling SignalMAX products through their Business Services organization, which targets small and medium size businesses and their website at

“CompUSA is excited to offer ParkerVision’s differentiated line of high quality wireless networking products for consumers seeking maximum performance,” said Doug Lane, Networking Buyer for CompUSA. “We expect ParkerVision’s one mile outdoor distance performance, guaranteed coverage of an entire home with no dead zones, and guarantee to improve the performance of any existing wireless network will be an attractive offering to our customers. ParkerVision’s focus on high performance comes at an ideal time as the use of wireless networking continues to expand into a broad range of applications where users are looking for excellent coverage but simple installation.”

ParkerVision wireless router

“ParkerVision is extraordinarily pleased to have CompUSA as our first national storefront retail partner,” Jeffery L. Parker, Chairman, and CEO commented. “This relationship opens up numerous opportunities for ParkerVision to market its solutions through retail storefronts, participation in CompUSA’s in-home and business installation programs, and with the Business Services organization. We are excited to be working with a firm that shares the vision for offering high performance wireless networking that enables consumers to enjoy reliable connectivity over greater distances. We expect our product lineup to grow significantly over the next year with offerings that will further push the performance barriers while enabling cost effective solutions.”