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Creepy: Three lifelike Androids converse with their human masters


I recently saw the Hall of Presidents in Walt Disney World, where fairly lifelike versions of all our past presidents nod and talk to one another. It was fascinating. But if the real Barack Obama had walked up next to his robotic clone, it would have gotten strange. This is what happened at the ‘Geminoid’ Summit last month, where three of the most lifelike robots sat down with their human counterparts. Odder still, they were dressed identically.

The three robots didn’t have much to say when they met at in March, but it’s odd to see them sitting there. They look downright human at times. The moment they start to talk, we know there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, but keep ’em quiet and who knows what might happen.

A geminoid is an android designed to look human. It is designed to behave and talk just like its “source person.” To read more about them, hit up the ATR Website.

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