Cutting Class In Favor Of iTunes U

Apple has recently introduced iTunes U. to students and things are looking up. The maker of the popular music software wanted to expand the ability of their iTunes Music Store by making it possiblefor students from across the country to download lectures from either their school or any other participating school.

Apple offers colleges and universities a special version of iTunes that gives the school the ability to post media such as podcasts or video lectures up for download. Students can then use iTunes todownload a lecture they may have missed, which can then be transferred on to an iPod or PMP. This can prove to be a very valuable asset to both the sick student and fraternity brother during Rushweek who both could have missed a class. Now they will have the ability to access it from any computer with an internet connection and iTunes.

But videos of your professor aren’t the only thing your school may be doing with iTunes. With the availability of more and more Audiobooks each day, you may not have to shell out $150 for yourphysics textbook. Instead you can go on to iTunes, download a book for around $25, and listen to it. That idea is far from complete despite being an appealing alternative to low-income students. Keepan eye out for iTunes at your school or for your school on iTunes and give it a chance. You may be able to lounge around in your PJs longer than you thought possible.