D-Link & AT&T Collaberate In VoIP

D-Link engineers have worked closely with AT&T to implement unique, industry leading Quality of Service (QoS) solutions that deliver strong, reliable connections and sound quality comparable toexisting circuit-switched telephone service. Through this joint engineering effort with AT&T, D-Link became the first company to meet AT&T’s stringent specifications and was recently named acharter member of AT&T’s VoIP Innovation and Interoperability Program..

Focused on driving the QoS for VoIP, D-Link’s engineers worked diligently with AT&T to deliver the ability to adjust upload bandwidth as needed by intelligently analyzing voice over data packetsto insure real-time delivery per AT&T specifications. By implementing advanced QoS features, D-Link has brought cutting-edge technology and manufacturing, together with Intellectual Property fromAT&T to meet AT&T’s advanced QoS requirements for its VoIP architecture, delivering to the marketplace high-quality and unsurpassed VoIP technology that minimize packet loss, virtuallyeliminating crosstalk, fading and delay. In addition, these high-performance QoS enhancements:

· Guarantee bandwidth availability for calls
· Enable consistent call quality
· Ensure echo canceling

“D-Link’s experience, combined with their consumer networking capabilities, was a key selection factor when we chose to work with them as we developed our residential broadband phone service,” saidCathy Martine, AT&T senior vice president of Internet Telephony. “Today, AT&T CallVantageSM Service customers are enjoying the benefits of high-quality and reliability thanks to thesesuccessful joint efforts.”

“We are pleased to be working with AT&T to help drive technology innovation in this new era of communication,” said Steven Joe, president and CEO of D-Link. “By developing side by side withAT&T, we are able to ensure the sound quality and features that AT&T customers have come to expect.”