Finally, a machine that turns tweets into cocktails

While it’s a safe bet the vast majority of Twitter users have never wondered what a tweet tastes like, the peculiar thought evidently crossed the mind of one Clément Gault.

Working with Koi Koi Design, Gault came up with an ingenious contraption that examines recent posts on the social media service before transforming them into a tasty cocktail drink.

Confused? Let Gault (try to) explain: “When a cocktail is desired, the machine will look for the five latest messages around the world quoting one of the available ingredients. These messages will define the drink composition.”

Besides creating “a unique kind of drink,” the so-called Data Cocktail machine also offers the imbiber a printout of the beverage’s recipe together with the tweets that helped produce it. And to top it all off, it’ll even give a shout-out on Twitter to the kind folks who unknowingly contributed to the creation of the one-off refreshment.

Although it’s not likely to put any cocktail-shaking bartenders out of a job anytime soon, the Arduino-powered machine is rather a work of art, and with a few tweaks could perhaps act as a stand-in should an overworked mixologist be unfortunate enough to succumb to a nasty bout of repetitive strain injury.

To mix things up a bit introduce a bit of variety, you can alter the keywords that the software uses as the basis for the drink, and also change the ingredients for a completely different taste.

Sadly, there aren’t any plans to commercialize the Data Cocktail device, though the creators’ suggestion that the machine could be tailored for special events certainly sounds like a tasty idea worth exploring.