Diamond MM To Use SnapStream’s Kits

Diamond Multimedia has launched a line of Diamond XtremeTV tuner and personal video recorder products, including deluxe kits that make it easy to turn a standard PC into a remote-controlled media center for viewing, pausing, and rewinding live TV, using an integrated program guide to record shows with a single click, and save programs to DVD.

With XtremeTV, users can watch TV on their PC or laptop, pause and rewind live TV, use an integrated program guide to record shows with a single click, and burn shows to DVD. They can also take advantage of advanced features like using multiple TV tuners, setting recording remotely via the Internet, streaming shows from their PC to another computer either at home or at work, purchasing and downloading MP3’s and movies on their TV, and much more.

Diamond XtremeTV PVR and TV tuner products feature the latest in digital video processing technology. The PVR 550 and PVR 600, for PCI and USB respectively, feature on-board MPEG-2 hardware acceleration for faster video encoding. This enables XtremeTV to provide outstanding visual quality even for processor-intensive tasks like timeshifting and pausing live TV, without putting a strain on the computer’s central processor.

Also, these products feature an RF (radio frequency) PC remote control which, unlike IR (infra-red) remote controls, can transmit signals through walls and even floors to a distance of up to 30 feet or more. Combined with the Beyond TV and Beyond Media, XtremeTV gives users a TV watching and recording experience that simply cannot be matched by any other PVR product.

XtremeTV ProductsThe XtremeTV product family includes the following SKUs:

1. XtremeTV PVR600RC – USB PVR with MPEG-2 hardware acceleration in a sleek, compact design. Also includes Beyond TV and Beyond Media powered by SnapStream Media as well as the Firefly PC Remote Control – Suggested retail $149.
2. XtremeTV PVR550RC – PCI version of the PVR600RC, includes Beyond TV, Beyond Media, and Firefly PC Remote Control – Sugg. retail $129.
3. XtremeTV PVR550 – Same as PVR550RC without the bundled Firefly PC Remote Control – Sugg. retail $99.
4. XtremeTV TV200 – USB TV Tuner with remote control – Sugg. retail $79.
5. XtremeTV TV150 – PCI TV Tuner with remote control – Sugg. retail $49.
6. Firefly PC Remote Control – Standalone SKU of the Firefly PC Remote Control, awarded 4 out of 5 stars by PC Magazine – Sugg. retail – $49.

Partnership With SnapStream Media
Diamond also announced today a strategic partnership with SnapStream Media, leading provider of PVR interface software. Mr. Zaman, CEO of Diamond, said, “We are very pleased to announce our partnership with SnapStream Media. By including SnapStream’s Beyond TV and Beyond Media as well as their Firefly PC Remote Control with our ‘Power Pack’ Editions, we give customers a superior complete package to enjoy all the features and benefits of the media center on their PC.”

Tim Corcoran, SnapStream Media’s chief operating officer and senior vice president of sales said, “SnapStream is very excited to partner with Diamond Multimedia for the launch of XtremeTV. Diamond is well-known for manufacturing PC peripherals of the highest quality and value as well as providing outstanding customer service. We are confident Diamond will be a leader in the PVR/Media Center space for many years to come and we look forward to working with them to provide the best customer experience available.”

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