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Rain, fire, and rogue Barbies can't stop DJI's nearly invincible Mavic Pro drone

DJI Mavic Pro - Extreme Durability Test!
If you’ve ever wondered how much of a beating DJI’s Mavic Pro drone can take, sit back and watch as DigitalRev bites the bullet and puts a Mavic drone through every abusive act it can think of.

For those not familiar with DigitalRev, it has a reputation for putting camera equipment through incredibly rigorous torture tests. In the past, DigitalRev has frozen DSLRs in a brick of ice, thrown cameras down flights of stairs, and even lit a few ablaze, all in the name of truly putting camera equipment to the test.

This time, DigitalRev took to the skies to see just how well the Mavic Pro would hold up against some very unlikely scenarios. In the 15-minute video, DigitalRev sprays the drone with water guns, nails it with rogue Barbie dolls, slams it into walls at full speed, and, of course, attempts to set it on fire alongside a chicken dinner.

Amazingly, the Mavic Pro held its own across almost every test DigitalRev threw at it. In speaking to PetaPixel, DigitalRev’s Richard Yu said the only major component that was damaged on the drone — outside the vision sensor, which was damaged in the synthesized heavy rain — was its gimbal, which probably could’ve survived had it been protected with the included cover.

Yu also explained that in the event your Mavic Pro is damaged by water, it’s probably best to avoid rice, as the air vents on the drone are large enough for the rice to fall through.

Overall, the tests go to show that the Mavic Pro can hold its own against a slew of abuse. That said, it’s not suggested you try any of these tests at home if you want your investment to live a long and prosperous life.

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