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Dragontrail hopes to dethrone Gorilla as strongest glass


Corning’s Gorilla glass has gotten a lot of attention in the last year. It’s used on a variety of Samsung, LG, Dell, Motorola, and hundreds of other devices due to its scratch and shatter resistant qualities (see video below), but now it has a competitor. Today, Asahi Glass debuted its new ‘Dragontrail’ glass it claims is six times as tough as chemically-treated soda lime glass and is a perfect fit for most portable gadgets.

At the Tokyo unveiling, Asahi let reporters use keys to try to scratch the glass and also showed videos of the glass withstanding 60 kilograms of weight and staying together after being hit by a hammer, reports IDG. The glass appears strong enough, but neither company is releasing any hard figures.

Asahi claims it has been developing Dragontrail glass for the last two years and it is already being included in some electronic devices, but refused to identify which partners. Luckily for Corning, Dragontrail won’t fully enter the market until 2012. The competition will be good for suppliers, however. With a viable alternative, both glass companies will be forced to lower their prices.

Still, Dragontrail has a lot of catching up to do. Sony just revealed that it is using Gorilla glass in some of its Bravia LCD TVs as well.

Asahi Dragontrail glass demo

Corning Gorilla glass demo

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