Dream machine: Control your sleeping mind with Remee

remeeA new device being funded on Kickstarter could make Inception look like more than just a movie. Bitbanger Labs’ Remee is an REM enhancing Lucid Dreaming Mask and its purpose is to give you recognition and control over your dreams.

The project was inspired by co-creators Duncan Frazier and Steve Mcguigan’s mutual interest in creating a “more affordable” lucid dream mask. These things already exist and there are very dedicated followers devoted to the practice of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is where you are conscious that you are asleep and dreaming while retaining awareness and control, giving you the ability to direct your dreams. It’s regarded as a skill that you can hone over time.

“Many people experience Lucid Dreams spontaneously, and Steve and I were both lucky enough to be in that group,” Frazier tells me. “Becoming lucid in a dream, and subsequently being able to control what goes on is a powerful and eye opening experience, one that usually leads someone to say ‘what was that? And how do I do it again.’”

Both Frazier and McGuigan have had lucid dreams since childhood and stumbled upon their shared experienced only a few years back. “What followed was a long session of comparing notes and ideas and eventually decided to create a lucid dreaming mask. Fast forward to today and we have Remee.”

remeeBitbanger Labs used an arduino Atmega168 chip running an internal oscillator to power its LED display built into a sleeping mask. These lights are what will help users accomplish lucid dreaming; basically you need to develop some sort of signal that reminds you your body is actually asleep and what is happening isn’t real, which should help you retain control. The lights serve this purpose – a visual tick that keeps you aware of your state.

Remee’s LED display targets the longest periods of REM sleep that happen toward the end of your night’s sleep. Once you’re really, truly, deeply asleep, the device will begin its light patterns.

“With its customizable light patterns, Remee is doing the reminding for you,” Bitbanger says. “You may find yourself sitting at an outdoor bistro with Ellen Page and suddenly a soft pattern of red lights appears in your field of vision. Back and forth. Back and forth. ‘That looks familiar.’ You think. Wait. Remee! That’s Remee! I’m dreaming! This is a dream!’”

Bitbanger plans to release tutorials teaching tinkerers how to make their own versions in the future, and Remee should be available for purchase soon. It’s reached its Kickstarter goal with time to spare. It will be available in basic colors, or more creative prints, and range from $80-$140. Much more affordable than the REM Dream Lucid Dreaming Induction Device that sells for $230, or the Proteus Light & Sound Machine System Mindplace for $169.

This is up there with the flying cars and robots we were all promised. While you might be skeptical about Remee’s effectiveness (and the cynic in me can’t blame you), it sounds like the powers that be believe it could at least help you on the path toward attaining dream control. And who wouldn’t want that? No longer would you have to fight that horrible “I know I’m dreaming and I can’t do anything about it” feeling.  

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