Christmas tree drone does your holiday decorating

Some of us like to get the Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving. The turkey hasn’t even cooled and we’re eyeing the boxes marked “ornaments” shoved in the hall closet. Then there are those of us who like to wait until the last minute. Like today. When you’re in a hurry and you need a helping hand, remember — always turn to technology.

Drones are sure to be a big gift under the tree tomorrow morning, and in this case they’re big above the tree, too. If you need help decorating, this gadget could be your key to success. After all, what are you going to do if you can’t reach high enough to top off the tree with the gold star?

So here’s the scoop on this high-flying Santa’s Helper: though you can actually buy one of these, it’s probably too late for Christmas Day delivery. It goes for £1199, or about $1,473 USD according to today’s exchange rate (that’s a discount price, and financing is available).

According to Motherboard, this “Phantom 4 Xmas Drone comes with “a mistletoe attachment for the kiss cam and confetti box.”

Motherboard also surmises that those are merely “gimmicks employed in the vain hope of getting people … to write about it.” Even the page URL shows that it’s called the “Christmas PR drone.”

The drone website adds “The silver foil snowflakes look absolutely spectacular as they spiral and dance in the air, flickering like tiny lights shimmering against the night.”

And to ease your worries about a Christmas incident: “Thanks to the Phantom 4’s built-in collision avoidance technology, anybody can fly it indoors or outdoors and not have to worry about crashing it into the Xmas tree.”

That would really be decking the halls, wouldn’t it?

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