DT Giveaway: Pax 2 vaporizer (Valentine’s Day edition)

dt giveaway pax 2 vaporizer v day v2

Looking to kick that lovely evening with your special someone into high gear? You could spend a ton on a romantic dinner out and a big bouquet of flowers, but the next day all you’d have are leftovers and some dying plants.

Instead, toast a different kind of flower, and develop a different kind of hunger with a pair of free, limited-edition Pax 2 vaporizers. This powerful herbal vaporizer is portable, discreet, and boasts a sleek design. Like you, it has high standards, with efficiency that will leave you breathless, and a battery that keeps it going all night long.

This limited-edition version is the same as the one that took home an Editor’s Choice award when we reviewed it, with a key difference. The red case is marked with a white, laser engraved heart on the front, developed in limited numbers for a Valentine’s Day giveaway. It’s the only gift that simultaneously says “I love you” and “Let’s get baked.”

If that sounds like you, or you’re looking for a way to burn away the loneliest night of the year, sign up below for a chance to win. Contest over

WINNER: Dustin S.