eMusic Makes Music With Zvue Players

HandHeld Entertainment, makers of the Zvue family of portable media players, today said they’d teamed with leading independent digital music Web site eMusic to make tunes available for their players. This music is available for download in the MP3 format.

Under the terms of the deal, said HandHeld, all of the 1.2 million plus songs currently available in eMusic’s online catalog can be purchased and downloaded to a Zvue player. eMusic, which claims they are second only to iTunes in number of downloads sold, has more music from more than 4,000 labels and more than one million tracks from the likes of Bjork, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Coldplay, Danger Doom, Miles Davis, The Donnas, Jerry Garcia, Ben Lee, My Morning Jacket, Nine Inch Nails, The Pixies, Spoon, Tom Waits and Lucinda Williams.

“What do Coldplay, Johnny Cash and Ray Charles have in common with Bjork and Nine Inch Nails? ,” said Jeff Oscodar, president and chief executive officer of HandHeld Entertainment, in a statement. “They, and thousands of other leading artists like them, can all now jam in your hand if you’re a Zvue owner”Through this collaboration, new and current Zvue owners can choose to download free tracks from more than a million MP3s at eMusic. And, as the only major digital music service to deliver music in the universally recognizable MP3 format, eMusic is fully compatible with the Zvue.”