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This smart pint glass tracks your beer intake, will request a cab if you’re too drunk to drive

Smart mugs/cups/bottles are a dime a dozen at this point, especially on crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. While normally we wouldn’t even bat an eye when yet another one gets announced, there’s a new pint glass up on Kickstarter right now that actually looks like it might be a fresh take on the idea.

At first glance, the ePint, doesn’t look particularly special. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a product that’s touted as a “smart mug,” and comes with a fairly standard set of tech specs. Tucked inside the bottom of the vessel, there’s a little Bluetooth low energy transceiver that allows the mug to connect to your smartphone or tablet, a weight sensor to track how much liquid the mug is holding, a few accelerometers, and a set of built-in LEDs that can blink or change color.


Nothing crazy about any of that, right? By all accounts, the ePint boasts some fairly uninteresting tech under the hood — but luckily, the mug’s creators have leveraged that tech in a number of clever ways. The features that ePint offers are fresh, different, and completely unlike anything we’ve seen before in this category.

While other smart mugs/cups/bottles offer dubious features like hydration reminders or what liquid you’re currently drinking, ePint simply aims to help you have a good time. Using info from the app, it can figure out what sporting event you’re watching and light up whenever your team scores. It’ll also change color when it’s empty, and keep track of how many drinks you’ve consumed over the course of the night. If you’ve had a few too many and it’s time to go home, the app will even suggest a cab ride and call one for you at the press of a button.

Unfortunately the ePint isn’t available for purchase quite yet, but its creators have recently taken to Kickstarer to help raise the funding needed for production. Back the project now during the early stages, and you can lock one down for about $30-$40. If all goes as planned and the campaign meets its $50,000 funding goal, ePint’s creators expect to begin shipping as early as April 2016.

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