EverQuest Users Will Be Able to Do Comics

Sony Online Entertainment and Planetwide Games yesterday announced a Web version of the latter’s Comic Book Creator is under development for subscribers of SOE’s Station Players service and should be ready this fall. Also announced was the upcoming summer digital availability of the Comic Book Creator software plus special SOE game-themed art packs for purchase through SOE’s Station.com online store.

Comic Book Creator, for those unfamiliar with it, allows users to take game screenshots, DVD movies, digital photos and art assets and create personalized comic books and comic strips. The upcoming Web based version will initially give SOE Station Players service subscribers the ability to import their EverQuest avatars into personalized digital comic books which can be shared with “fellow guild members and friends”.

In addition, besides the digital availability of the Comic Book Creator software and special SOE game-themed art packs, Sony Online Entertainment will bundle the comic book creation application with their MMO games.

“SOE continues to offer industry-leading innovations in the realm of ancillary service offerings for online game subscribers,” said John Smedley, president, Sony Online Entertainment, in a statement. “We’re always looking for unique ways to both enrich the online gaming experience as well as offer our subscribers services that extend beyond our game worlds. Comic Book Creator provides additional value for our online communities with its unique features, allowing players to strengthen their connection to their avatars and social groups in a whole new way.”

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