Fitbit announces Flex fitness band with automatic syncing

fitbit flex wristband colorsCheck out our review of the FitBit Flex fitness band.

Announced on the official Fitbit blog earlier this week, the health tracking company has developed a wristband version of the Fitbit One activity and sleep tracker. Called the Fitbit Flex, the wristband is designed to compete with the Nike+ FuelBand as well as the Jawbone Up fitness wristband. Rather than having to attach a Fitbit Zip or Fitbit One to an article of clothing,a Fitbit Flex user can wear the device 24 hours a day. While the wristband isn’t rated as being completely water-proof, the water-resistant rating means users can continue wearing the wristband while taking a shower or walking in the rain. 

Similar to the Fitbit One, the Fitbit Flex tracks how long you sleep during the night in addition to the amount of times you wake up in bed. The Fitbit Flex also includes a silent wake alarm that vibrates in order to avoid waking up your partner in the morning.

Built into a section of the wristband, Fitbit product developers have included five LED lights that turn on during the day as a specific fitness goal is being reached. For instance, someone with a goal of 20,000 steps per day will see three lights on the wristband after hitting 12,000 steps. Opposite from the Fitbit One, the Fitbit Flex doesn’t record stairs climbed during the day. 

The Fitbit Flex automatically syncs with certain Android or iOS smartphones and tablets as well as PCs and Macs. Specifically, the Flex will sync with the iPhone 4S and higher, iPad third generation and higher and the iPod Touch fifth generation as well as the Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II. According to Fitbit, the battery in the Flex will last from five to seven days and comes in colors such as black, slate, teal and tangerine. While the fitness device was on display at CES, the Fitbit Flex won’t be available until Spring 2013. The wristband is priced at $99.95, identical to the Fitbit One.

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