Font power: New panda-inspired font aims to raise awareness about endangered animal

font power new panda inspired aims to raise awareness about endangered animal
The panda is adored pretty much the world over, but the species continues to be under threat primarily because humans are steadily destroying its natural habitat.

There are currently just over 1800 of the black and white creatures remaining in the wild, with most living in bamboo forests in the mountains of western China.

The bamboo is key to the panda’s survival, as each one needs to consume a hefty 26 to 84 pounds of the plant daily. So human destruction of its natural habitat means the loss of not only its home, but also those massive daily meals.

To raise awareness about the panda’s ongoing plight and encourage donations to help protect the animal, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has worked with creative agency Ogilvy & Mather to come up with a unique panda-inspired font, with each letter cleverly incorporating one or two of the cuddly creatures,

Work still to be done

According to the WWF, there’s still much work to be done to save the panda from extinction.

“China’s Yangtze Basin region, which holds the panda’s primary habitat, is the geographic and economic heart of this booming country,” the organization explains on its website, adding, “Roads and railroads are increasingly fragmenting the forest, which isolates panda populations and prevents mating.”

Forest destruction has also served to reduce pandas’ access to the bamboo they need to survive, the WWF says.

The Chinese government has created more than 50 panda reserves to date, though only about 61 percent of the panda population in China is protected by these reserves.

At the time of writing we don’t have any information on how you can go about downloading the panda font, but should you want to write your next company report using this unique typeface, try checking back later to see if a link’s turned up.