Free SkypeIn

Some users of the SkypeIn service will find themselves with a new, free SkypeIn number and voicemail for the next year, according to a report on ZDNet. That might seem like a great deal, but the story leading up to it is one of confusion.   The SkypeIn service, which subscribers pay around $70 to have, allows them to be given landline numbers through which callers can contact them. One especially popular exchange was 0207, which is Central London, a prestigious business area.   However, recently subscribers with numbers starting 0207 have been receiving e-mails from Skype saying that the company would have to change their numbers, since all phone numbers with that prefix would have to be returned to the supplier, GCI Telecom.   Villu Arak of Skype explained the situation in a blog post.

“We spent months in discussions with a telecoms operator to see if we could keep the SkypeIn numbers we rented from them, confident that the issue could be resolved. Hence the somewhat late notice to our users — we never thought things would get this far, given the time and effort put into resolving the situation."

By way of compensation, those affected will receive a free SkypeIn number for a year, as well as free voicemail, along with Skype’s apologies.

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