GameStop plans to release branded Android tablet next year


Last week, we learned that GameStop will soon start selling iOS mobile devices. It will be interesting to see if that changes at all next year, when the company moves forward with plans to release a branded tablet that runs on the Android operating system from Google.

The manufacturer of the planned GameStop tablet isn’t specified, but reports that it will be released as a “GameStop certified gaming platform.” Company president Tony Bartel confirmed that a specific tablet model has been selected and testing is underway now.

The device will initially support a handful of mobile games, though that support will expand over time, especially once GameStop’s OnLive-like streaming service from Spawn Labs launches. That service will stream console-quality games to the tablet, which will unsurprisingly come bundled with a device-compatible external controller. The plan is to eventually work with developers on creating content specifically for the platform and its unique interface.