Gateway dives into the wireless realm

The new products, including broadband routers and wireless adapters for portable and desktop computers, support the company’s branded integrator strategy of delivering digital gear that works together.  The new wireless networking products advance the company’s plan to launch 50 new Gateway-branded products in 15 categories this year and at the same time provide the means to linking many of the company’s new digital devices.

The new Gateway wireless networking products allow customers to easily and quickly connect PCs to other PCs or wireless-ready consumer electronics such as the Gateway Connected DVD player for sharing files, photos and music, as well as accessing the Internet.

“Gateway is in a unique position of being able to provide an end-to-end solution for today’s digital home — from the most powerful PCs to innovative CE products — and now the wireless networking products that connect them,” said Matt Milne, Gateway’s vice president of digital solutions.  “The new Gateway wireless networking products let customers enjoy digital content when and where they want to without cumbersome wires.  Plus, customers don’t need to have a lot of technical prowess to use the products — they are simple to set up and maintain, which makes their industry leading prices even more attractive.”

Gateway leads the push for wireless PC technology with industry-leading products and services.  Its wireless home networking service brings trained network professionals to install and configure a wireless home network. Plus, Gateway’s award-winning line of desktop and notebook PCs have the option for integrated or add-on wireless connectivity.

Gateway Wireless Products Are the Backbone for the Digital Home

Gateway’s new products are based on industry-standard 802.11g and 802.11b technology and are tested for compatibility, signal quality and security.  As a result, the new products are a snap to set up and use with Gateway-branded PCs and devices as well as other brands of PCs, printers, and wireless-ready consumer electronics.

The new product line is competitively priced without relying on rebates.
It includes:

     *  The Gateway 802.11g Broadband Router, priced at $99, and the
        Gateway 802.11b Broadband Router, priced at $69, which let multiple
        PCs share access to a single broadband connection wirelessly.

     *  The Gateway 802.11b USB Device, priced at $59, for connecting a
        desktop PC to a wireless network via a USB port, and the Gateway
        802.11g PCI Adapter, priced at $69(3), to be installed internally into
        a desktop PC to connect it to a wireless network.

     *  To enable a range of notebook PCs to wirelessly connect to a network
        via a PC card slot, Gateway now offers the Gateway 802.11g CardBus
        Card, priced at $59, and the Gateway 802.11b PCMCIA card, priced
        at $49.

Availability and Warranty
Gateway’s new line of wireless networking products is available now — many stocked for immediate purchase at Gateway stores nationwide. They are also available by phone, on or by ordering them at Gateway stores.  The new products are supported by Gateway’s standard one-year limited warranty.

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