Battle other robots in first-person perspective with the Geio AI bot

Battling robots aren’t confined to the silver screen anymore — not with the Geio. Meet the latest in robotic technology — an artificially intelligent, first-person perspective bot that promises you “an immersive experience” as you duke it out with your frenemies in a virtual battleground.

While you shouldn’t engage in any form of violence, you may find a release for any pent-up frustration you have with the Geio. You’ll be able to control it without ever leaving your seat, as the FPS bot claims to link real and virtual spaces, giving users an almost out-of-body experience. The Geio boasts visual recognition, which means it can actually locate its target, and react accordingly. And thanks to its mobility, the bot can move from Point A to Point B with a fair bit of efficiency, all while keeping you in the driver’s seat.

“Geio is born to create unexpected excitement,” the team notes on its Kickstarter page. “When you are able to see from Geio’s perspective, you can indeed indulge in the royal duel, assault and escort, scavenger hunt race.”

Controlled all from your smartphone, the Geio features a number of different methods of gameplay. There’s the Royal Duel, in which you battle your friend (or foe) in a one-on-one setting. Alternatively, you can engage in Assault and Escort, a mode in which attacking and defending teams take turns defending or capturing various points across a battlefield (think of it as robot Capture the Flag). Then, there’s the Scavenger Hunt Race, in which teams compete against one another to be the first to locate special totems. And finally, you can play in a Speed Race, which as the name suggests, is all about agility. Indeed, the Geio is said to be able to rotate 360 degrees and move up to 2 meters in just a second. So set up an obstacle course of your design, and get moving.

Currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $109, the Geio just may be the most fun you can have from your couch. Early bird order are expected to ship in December, so you’ll be able to start enjoying your new bot over the holidays.

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