Get some real jellyfish in your house with the Desktop JellyFish aquarium

Watching fish in an aquarium has always been a relaxing endeavor, but adding jellyfish brings a tank to another level. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as easy as a trip to the pet store. Up to now, it hasn’t been easy to keep jellyfish in home aquariums due to the filtration systems used in standard tanks, which tend to injure or kill the jellies. JellyFish Art solves that problem with a clever approach to filtration adapted from much larger aquariums.

Inventor Alex Andon desired his own jellyfish, but had to find a way to work around the filtration issue. Fortunately, he spent time building large commercial jellyfish tanks for tourist aquariums. Large-scale tanks have special water flow patterns that standard aquarium tanks haven’t been able to mimic. These flow patterns keep the jellies away from harmful systems and the walls of the aquariums

Andon endeavored to create home-size tanks, and after some tinkering he made the Desktop JellyFish Tank. The Desktop tank uses a circular flow that centers the jellyfish in the tank. This keeps them from getting stuck on the sides of the tank or becoming caught within the various inlets.

The Desktop JellyFish aquarium comes in only one size, a 6-gallon capacity tank, and is made out of crystal-clear acrylic. There’s enough room in the tank to keep five jellyfish, but the kits that JellyFish Art sells only go up to three. You can get the single jelly, three jelly, or the deluxe kit which comes with a hermit crab and a cleaner snail as well. Kits also come with lighting systems that allow you to play with the color of the lights that display in the tank. 

JellyFish Art sends only one type of jelly — the Moon Jellyfish — an example of which you can see in the photo gallery above. You can also put regular aquarium fish in with the jellies. 

Desktop JellyFish aquariums are fairly pricy, starting at $285, but JellyFish art sends everything that you need to get started including food, the fish themselves, and if you get the deluxe kit, you’ll get cleaning products, water-testing equipment and aquarium salt. To purchase or get more information visit the JellyFish Art website.

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