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Goji Smart Lock captures pictures of visitors at the front door

Goji Smart Lock

Currently surpassing two thirds of the $120,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, the Goji Smart Lock combines all the great features of locking systems like the Kwikset Kevo and August Smart Lock with the ability to view photos of anyone that attempts to activate the lock. When someone is at the front door, the Goji takes a picture and sends it immediately to the smartphone of the homeowner. In addition to keeping a picture log, the lock can also be setup to send app notifications or text messages to the homeowner’s smartphone. All logs can be viewed within the smartphone application or on the homeowner’s online Goji account.

Goji-Smart-Lock-appSimilar to other smart lock competitors, the homeowner can authorize friends and family to enter the home by sending a digital unlock key over email or text message. Access can be completely unlimited or set to begin and end at specific times during the day.

This feature is ideal for anyone that comes to the home temporarily like a babysitter or dog walker. It could also be ideal for real estate professionals that need to provide temporary access to a home for a client or a property owner that needs to provide access to someone that’s renting their home for a short time period. 

If you need to provide access to a member of the household that doesn’t have a compatible smartphone, Bluetooth low-energy fobs can be programmed to provide similar levels of access. The Goji Smart Lock comes with a few of these fobs just in case they are needed. These are ideal for children that need to let themselves into the home after school as well as exercise nuts that want to go for a quick jog without having to carry their keys or smartphone.

Goji-Smart-Lock-picturesIf for any reason a Goji Smart Lock owner is locked out of their home without a fob or smartphone, they can call the customer service line at all hours in order to regain access.

Similar to the Kwikset Kevo, the homeowner doesn’t even have to take their smartphone out of their pocket or purse to unlock the door; it will automatically recognize the user when they are in range of the lock. In addition, the Goji Smart Lock can tell the difference between someone standing outside the home and someone inside the home that simply happens to walk by the front door. 

Easy to install, the Goji Smart Lock requires the same level of expertise required to install any standard deadbolt lock. The lock is powered by three C batteries that should last up to one year. When the batteries are getting low, the lock will send a text message or email to the homeowner informing them of the failing battery power. Regarding design, the sleek display on the front of the Goji lock offers up welcome messages when it recognizes a specific user at the front door. 

At this time, early backers can purchase the Goji Smart Lock for $235. Assuming the project is fully funded in the next seven weeks, the lock will retail for $278. According to the project page, the delivery window for the Goji Smart Lock is currently December 2013. As with all projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, be aware that manufacturing delays can push back the delivery window of the product by weeks or even months. 

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